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Preserving memories: Photo tips.

By Cindy | March 22, 2019

I have been struggling to part with two coats—both were acquired in 2000 when we sold our house, quit our jobs and took a year off to travel. One is a handcrafted linen jacket that I bought for $20 (!) in Thailand and wore throughout much of our travels in Southeast Asia (see photo). The …

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A case for going natural.

By Cindy | March 15, 2019

Recently, we got a good look at what we were bringing into our homes and putting onto our, and our family’s, bodies. Turns out, A LOT of plastic, which is a petroleum product. And chemicals, most that we can’t even pronounce the names of, let alone identify the benefits or risks of. It all made …

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A bit of hope.

By Cindy | March 8, 2019

Even if we dispose of electronics and other appliances responsibly, the amount of e-waste in our world is growing exponentially due to the fact that we live in a society in the thrall of the latest and greatest tech. We’ve all seen the horrifying images of how electronic trash (e-waste) impacts our environment. But, what …

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Decluttering for procrastinators.

By Cindy | March 1, 2019

In our last post, we wrote about 10 “Clutter Personality Types” and how most of us have multiple clutter personalities because we—and our stuff—don’t fit into a neat (& tidy!) category. That’s why it’s necessary to deal with our clutter using different approaches. Over the next several posts, we’ll offer ideas on how to declutter …

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Don’t get caught (not) holding the bag.

By Cindy | February 25, 2019

10-MINUTE DECLUTTERING CHALLENGE Reusable Shopping Bags If you’re like me, there are bags you always reach for and others you pass over every time (I prefer cloth bags that can be washed). I also have WAAAAYYY more bags than I’ll ever use and never have any of them with me when I need them. Let’s …

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What’s your Clutter Personality Type/Style?

By Cindy | February 22, 2019

Many of us are locked in an ongoing battle with some level of clutter in our lives. Most of us are not happy about it. And pretty much all of us have no idea how we even got here in the first place, let alone how to fix the problem. First things first—It feels like …

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5 super compelling reasons to declutter now.

By Cindy | February 7, 2019

There are some obvious and not so obvious reasons to declutter. Which of these resonates with you? Decluttering saves you money. No brainer: if you buy less stuff, you’ll save money. It can also cost you money to get rid of things you no longer want or need. But, here’s a crazy thought—are you living …

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What does it mean to “let go”?

By Cindy | September 12, 2018

I recently listened to Alison Wright being interviewed by Dan Harris on his 10% Happier podcast, which led me to her book, “Learning to Breathe.” There was a scene in the book about letting go that really struck me: “One day I approached Fred, a Swiss (meditation) teacher who was helping Christopher lead the retreat. …

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