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How it all began.

Friends Liz Weaver and Cindy Frigard are successful self-employed graphic designers who are always looking for ways to make more time in their busy lives. In addition to their businesses, they have two husbands, two daughters, two dogs, a commitment to living fulfilling lives and a passion for Orange Theory Fitness and the outdoors between them.

Liz and Cindy had been reading a bunch of books and blogs about minimalism, living with less, home organization, etc. While they were inspired by much of what they read, they also were a little turned off by the sometimes high-and-mighty—and sometimes woowoo—tone. Worst of all, the advice often felt overwhelming and difficult to execute on, i.e. too much big-picture advice and not enough get-it-done practicality.

A long conversation over dinner and a trip to Costco led to an epiphany: “What if we just got rid of one item a week?”

After four weeks, both had bookshelves that weren’t crammed to the gills, no more bins and drawers filled with the cords and chargers that went with electronics long gone, empty space under their bathroom sinks, and pantries uncluttered by expired soups, crackers, and pastas.

But even better? Decluttering together was FUN. And, it was EASY. And so, the idea for Neat & Tidy was born.

Cindy Frigard


Cindy is a Virgo. Enough said.

OK, maybe a little more background is in order...

For the better part of twenty years, Cindy worked for advertising agencies such as Chiat/Day, Saatchi & Saatchi/Team One and Young & Rubicam running their creative service groups. During this time, many of her days were spent developing and implementing systems for organizing large groups of people and massive amounts of work. In her last position as SVP/Managing Director of Team Detroit (now GTB), she oversaw the merger of three agency studios into one. This task involved holding people’s hands as they dealt with a huge change, managing the design and build-out of 10,000 square feet of new office space, and figuring out what to do with the combined crap of over 100 people.

Then, right before the Great Recession, Cindy and her husband decided that they had had enough of corporate life, moved to Colorado and started their own graphic design studio, Similar Blue. Today, in addition to her role at Neat & Tidy, Cindy serves as Similar Blue’s strategist, designer, creative director, account manager and chief bottle washer.

Through it all, one of the things Cindy finds she loves the most is helping people figure out what’s getting in their way and how to either ignore or deal with these (often self imposed) obstacles—which makes Neat & Tidy a perfect fit for her skills and her passion.


Liz Weaver


As a small business owner, mom and wife, Liz is a master juggler.

From her first job out of college as an assistant art gallery director (can you say, too much Enya?) to practically running a one-man agency as a junior level designer/office manager/errand girl to a position as senior designer and head of an internal design group for a government trade magazine (not the most exciting place) in Washington, DC to a long-time position as a senior designer at Spot Color/HINGE in Virginia, Liz has been wearing many hats.

Liz caught the self-employment bug while at female-owned Spot Color/HINGE. Which was good timing, since her two daughters arrived and she realized the time had come to make the leap to open her own design firm, Paprika Creative. That was 15 years ago and it was hands down the best decision of her career.

Running her own company has given Liz some mad skills in problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, business management and coaching. She is also driven to find ways to help others to juggle life, work and family. Which all makes her a natural for Neat & Tidy.


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