Practical is Our Middle Name

We share actionable wisdom to help you declutter your life.

Our method breaks down decluttering into manageable chunks that lead to fast, noticeable results.

  • We embrace baby steps.
  • We believe perfection and judgment are the enemies of done.
  • Simplicity, fun and connection are our guiding lights.

Neat & Tidy is not about minimalism.

Neat & Tidy is not about getting to nothing, it’s about jettisoning the stuff in your life that doesn’t serve you—the things that make you feel burdened, overwhelmed or guilty every time you see or think about them, such as:

  • Those designer shoes you paid a lot of money for but hurt like hell.
  • Expired pain pills from when your son had his wisdom teeth pulled that you know you aren’t supposed to flush down the toilet but have no idea how to get rid of.
  • The camping gear you never use that stares you in the face each time you pull into the garage.
  • That ugly vase you hate but belonged to your favorite grandmother.

We help you create room to breathe.

When you join Neat & Tidy, you will:

  • Have permission to let go of the stuff in your life that is holding you back.
  • Join a community that will cheer you on and hold you accountable.
  • Have less crap to dust, more space to breathe, and more time to spend doing what makes you happy.

Yes! Please send me your 5 tips for making space for what I love.

We’ll also send you other helpful tips & tricks directly to your inbox. (And we’ll keep you posted about our next 6-Week Decluttering Challenge!)

We promise your information will never be sold or shared with a 3rd party.

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